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ESPN+ is a sports streaming service that offers live events, exclusive on-demand series, “30 for 30” documentary films, and premium-tier written content.
The streaming service costs $5 per month or $50 per year, or you can bundle it with Hulu and Disney Plus for $13 per month (an $18 value).
The service is tied into the ESPN mobile app, streaming in 60 frames per second and available on pretty much every device known to man.

ESPN+, which launched in April 2018, is the sports mega-network’s entry into the ever-more-crowded list of paid streaming services. The sports niche may seem a surprising one, given how important live broadcast is in that realm, but the ESPN+ found its legs by offering a sizable smorgasbord of original on-demand video content in addition to limited live event streams and premium-tier written analyses.

If you’re a sports person, you may be considering signing up for ESPN+.

Our verdict: Do it.

With the notable exceptions of NBA basketball and NHL hockey, most major sports are well represented, with lots of content focused on football, baseball, MMA, and soccer (both international and MLS). With tons of highlights, analysis, and original series, it’s well worth the $5 monthly toll. Read on for a more detailed breakdown.

What exactly is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a streaming service, sort of like Hulu or Netflix, but tied into the ESPN ecosystem. Rather than a dedicated app, you access ESPN+ via a tab in the ESPN app or on in your browser. From there, you’ll find lots of stuff to watch, including live streams of events and matches, full on-demand match and game …read more

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