Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Friday 22 November


Friday, November 22, 2019 – 3:39pm

The Week’s daily round-up highlights the five best opinion pieces from across the British and international media, with excerpts from each.

1. Iain Martin in The Times

on the staying power of two-party politics

Jo Swinson is leading the Lib Dems into a dead end

“The Lib Dems should not be thought of as centrist on Brexit because they have, in fact, chosen an extremist policy. It is one thing to demand a second referendum on leaving the European Union. Even though Brexiteers like me dislike the idea, I accept there is a logic to it. But compared to revoke, a second referendum looks like a model of touchy-feely consensus politics. Can you imagine the upsurge in populist anger there would be in places that voted Leave nearly four years ago if the state just cancelled Brexit?”

2. Ayesha Hazarika in The i

on the appeal of Corbynomics

I may be neo-liberal, Blairite, Red Tory scum, but I quite like the Labour manifesto

“The past is a different country. Looking back at the 2010 and 2015 manifestos the central theme was economic responsibility and balancing the books, which was a big thing back then. Anyone remember the deficit? Millennials, Google it. As a political adviser working with senior politicians, it was hard work coming up with manifesto ideas, as we were told over and over again there was no money. It was pretty dispiriting fighting in vain for causes which weren’t popular …read more

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