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Multiple contractors for Rev, the transcription startup, told Business Insider they listened to sensitive audio files regarding child sex victim, sexual assault recollections, and a legal case involving a child without receiving a warning beforehand.
Rev contractors get one hour to give up files, but the transcriptionists said they had passed the grace period when they realized it had sensitive content. Contractors said they felt pressured to transcribe the sensitive files for fear of losing their job if they didn’t.
Other tech contractors, such as Facebook content moderators, have described listening to and watching sexual abuse and other violent content. These contractors are not full-time employees of the tech companies, and get paid low wages for the grueling work.
Click here to read our story: Contractors at controversial startup Rev say they worked long hours for little pay, feared they could lose their job at any time, and had to transcribe interviews with sexual-abuse survivors without warning

Contractors for the controversial startup Rev said they had to listen to content relating to sex and child abuse without prior warning, and felt they couldn’t decide against transcribing the audio for fear of losing their jobs.

Business Insider recently spoke with 15 independent contractors with the startup Rev, which offers clients 12-hour transcription turnarounds for just $1 a minute. The contractors described a cutthroat culture where they compete for good quality audio, rushing to decisions on whether to take a project or not.

A Rev contractor from Ireland, who spoke under anonymity for fear of losing her job, told Business Insider she felt pressured to transcribe an interview with a child sex-crime victim because finding clear audio files on the site was so uncommon. She did not receive a warning label before listening to the file.

“It was incredibly tough to transcribe, but …read more

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