The Travel Security Administration, better known as the TSA, is responsible for screening millions of pieces of luggage every year.
Its Instagram account documents some of the wilder things that people have attempted to bring on planes.
Here are the weirdest things people have tried to travel with, from moose poop to concealed razor blades.
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Every day, millions of Americans hop on planes out of LAX, or JFK, or MIA, or any one of the hundreds of airports located in the US.

But that means that every day, TSA employees are finding embarrassing, dangerous, illegal, or otherwise confusing items that people are trying to bring on their travels with them.

Keep scrolling for the weirdest things that TSA employees found this year.

A passenger attempted to bring a grenade/brass knuckles combo on their flight, but they were quickly stopped.

“TSA Officers from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) discovered this 3-in-1 NO-NO,” wrote the TSA on Instagram, “Depending on your jurisdiction, you could be fined or even arrested for bringing an item similar to this one. Don’t take a chance on accidentally bringing a prohibited item.”

Sadly, a groom named Blake had to leave this wedding present — an axe — behind.

According to the TSA, this 10-inch hatchet was a wedding gift for the groom, Blake. He thought it would be fine to bring this personalized wedding present on his flight out of Richmond. Blake was wrong.

This knife was cleverly hidden inside a lipstick tube.

All knives are prohibited from being packed into your carry-on luggage, including knives that are hiding inside your makeup bag, as this passenger in Nashville found out.

A passenger out of Alaska tried to travel with pounds of moose poop, which is technically not forbidden by the TSA.

It’s not totally clear what someone would want with a giant bag …read more

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