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Asgardia is a non-governmental organization that wants to become the first kingdom and nation-state in space.
On Saturday, the group’s 150 elected representatives met for Asgardia’s first parliamentary session in Tallinn, Estonia.
Asgardia chairman Lembit Opik told Business Insider the group has considered approaching Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to help them get into outer space. The two tech billionaires founded space companies SpaceX and Blue Origin respectively.
More than 300,000 people are already paying Asgardia’s annual “residency” fee, although UN rules suggest Asgardia’s ambition to set up a true space nation won’t be realized for some time, if ever.

A self-declared space nation that wants to operate a fully-functioning society in space has started laying out its vision for establishing an off-world colony.

The Space Kingdom of Asgardia is a genuine project to set up a nation entirely in space, with hundreds of thousands of members paying “residency'” fees and a parliament that is in the process of forming the foundations for its society.

Asgardia’s goal is to transport thousands of people to an enormous space station by 2043, beyond Earth’s jurisdictions, to “build a new democratic society.”

Ambitiously, the space nation is looking to the likes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to get them there. Both billionaires have also set up commercial space firms.

The project, founded by billionaire Russian scientist and politician Igor Ashurbeyli, is currently chaired by former British politician Lembit Opik.

“The obvious candidates are SpaceX and Blue Origin,” Opik told Business Insider, citing Musk and Bezos’ respective ventures in interstellar travel. “They’re the best game in town in terms of space launches. Their rockets are the taxis that can take us where we want to go.”

But can the dream of Asgardia ever become a reality? In an interview with Business Insider, Opik showed a passion for …read more

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