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The past decade has tested military alliances and brought on threats few could have imagined.
ISIS’s use of social media to recruit fighters and disseminate propaganda was unprecedented, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s government has relied on Facebook disinformation to bolster support for his drug war and disparage his enemies.
Russia has used both Syria and Ukraine as testing fields for hardware and propaganda campaigns.
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The past decade has tested military alliances and brought 0n threats few could have imagined.

In many ways, the principles of conflict never change — there is always an enemy to be vanquished, and the consequences are always tragic. But in the past decade, technology re-defined how we fight most of our conflicts.

Whether it’s artificial intelligence, disinformation, or hypersonic missiles, this decade’s conflicts have been defined by rapid technological advances — and the manipulation of technologies built for civilian use.

From North Korea’s nuclear threats to Syria’s chaotic battlefield, here are the conflicts that have defined our decade.

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Ukraine has become a laboratory for Russia’s advanced warfare.

George Kent, the State Department official who testified during an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s allegedly pressuring Ukraine for political dirt, told Military Times in July that Russia tests much of its battlefield equipment and tactics right next door in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is a laboratory of techniques and procedures,” Kent said.

Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, described a sniper “school” on the frontlines of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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