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Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer run the Instagram account Comments by Celebs, which has more than one million followers including famous faces and their fans.
Diamond and Kramer decided to turn the account into a podcast as one of the first steps in their plan to build a media company.
The podcast wasn’t an immediate success, but a new network, quick reporting on relevant stories in celebrity news, and consistent content have pushed the show up to one million downloads per month.
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When “Comments by Celebs” hosts Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer first launched a podcast based on their popular Instagram account of the same name, their followers didn’t take to it right away.

But less than two years later, they’re hitting one million downloads per month and scoring sit-down interviews with celebrities like John Mayer.

The Comments by Celebs Instagram page posts daily screenshots of funny or newsworthy comments that celebrities make on social-media posts. On the podcast, Diamond and Kramer break down celebrity drama, play games involving hypothetical celebrity scenarios, and occasionally interview famous guests.

Kramer, 22, was still at Syracuse University when she and her cohost Diamond, 24, got an email from Betches — a digital media company known for producing edgy, often satirical content about lifestyle and culture topics targeted toward young women — asking if they’d be interested in turning their Instagram account into a podcast.

The day after Kramer graduated, she and Diamond had their first podcast meeting with Betches.

Betches helped the “Comments by Celebs” podcast get off the ground, but eventually the pair decided to work with a different podcast company in order to scale the brand. The podcast moved to Cadence13 in January, but was still only getting about 100,000 downloads a month — not very many …read more

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