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Stepping into a management position can be tough, especially because the stakes are high.
Gallup data shows that 50% of employees have left a job because of a poor manager.
Gallup’s 2019 Manager of the Year finalists told Gallup about their leadership strategies in the summer of 2019.
The following leadership habits arose out of that discussion and they could help you be a better manager.
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Managers can drive employee engagement or hinder it. If you want to improve your management technique, some of the world’s best managers can help.

Gallup data show that around 70% of employees are simply unengaged with their work; they aren’t working up to their full potential. Additional data show that 50% of employees have left a job because of a poor manager.

So the phrase “people leave managers, not companies,” might be grounded in truth: Managers are responsible for motivating and driving engagement among their direct reports.

Every year Gallup selects a winner for the Manager of the Year Award, based on employee experience, engagement, performance, and retention. This year, Pat Kern, director of social services and case management at Mary Lanning Healthcare, took home the Manager of the Year award.

Advice from the best managers is timely for anyone looking to drive professional growth. Gallup talked to the 10 finalists about their leadership strategies. Here are eight skills Gallup’s 2019 Manager of the Year finalists all have in common.

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1. Tie back to the “why.”

In today’s workforce, change is the only constant. With new regulations, novel technologies, and more, companies are scrambling to keep up. And employees sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

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