Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

It’s important to clean dogs’ paws to avoid parasites, infections, allergies, and more. For dogs who are sensitive to handling, this can be a stressful process.
The MudBuster is a cup lined with soft silicone bristles that makes cleaning my dog’s paws easier and more efficient. It’s available in three sizes and colors with prices starting at $11.99.
I use the MudBuster to clean my dog’s paws after winter walks through salt and de-icing chemicals, after playtime in the yard, and to regularly rinse his feet to help keep his allergies at bay.

If your dogs are anything like mine, they hate having their paws touched. When my German shepherd Silas comes in from playing in our perpetually muddy yard, he becomes very anxious and hangs his head low as I clean off his muddy paws.

In the past, cleaning his paws meant dirtying towel after towel as I tried to wrangle him. Now that we have a Dexas MudBuster Gentle Paw Washer, cleaning his paws is so much easier — for him and for me.

Other than the fact that it’s important for my floors that Silas’ paws stay clean, it’s important for him as well. “Dog paws can be magnets for intestinal parasites, viruses, and other little nasties as they play in the dog park or even just walk through a field, the yard, or any place dogs [go to the bathroom]. This can lead to an intestinal infection with worms or even parvo when they lick or chew their paws. What better reason to wash your dogs’ paws regularly,” said Dr. Jason Nicholas, BVMS, of Preventative Vet.

In Silas’ case, he is prone to allergies, especially in the summer and fall, and regularly …read more

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