As the country with the second highest amount of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Europe — and the fourth highest globally — the people of Spain have been put under total lockdown. But in the capital city of Madrid, the residents of one particular apartment complex are refusing to let the isolation get them down.

Cristina Pruenza, a graduate student who lives in the neighborhood with her husband, came up with the idea to bring the community together with a nightly game of bingo. But rather than gather in one room to play, as in standard for a game of bingo, each player participates from their personal apartment balcony in order to keep a safe social distance. There, they listen for one neighbor — the designated caller — to shout out the numbers.

“It helps us stay entertained at night,” Pruenza explained to CN Traveler, explaining that she puts bingo cards in the building’s elevator for residents to take with them. “It brings us all together to laugh, and to be happy. And it creates an incredible feeling of solidarity.”

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According to Pruenza, the game takes place every Monday through Friday at 6:15pm, though music begins playing at 6pm sharp to remind everyone that the game is about to begin. Whoever won the last game gets to choose the next day’s music — their prize for winning, along with bragging rights.

No me aburro con el bingo de la urbanización #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #SolidaridadEnLaCuarentena

— Cristina Pruenza (@CristinaPruenza) March 24, 2020

Pruenza shared a video she took of one of the games in action on Twitter, in which you can hear the caller reading out numbers in Spanish. Her translated …read more



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