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You can book a flight on Google Flights up to one year in advance, and even monitor prices for your flight to buy at the best time.
Google Flights usually finds the cheapest fare for your flight, but it’s still a good idea to cross-reference other sites like Expedia to get the best deal.
Google Flights also suggests trips for the cheapest flights from your city for the next six months.

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I travel by air about once a month, and several times a year with my family of four, so finding the best rates on air travel is a rather regular theme in my life.

Before I book any trip, I always use Google Flights as my first search tool. While Google’s flight booking platform is not always the cheapest route, it is one of the simplest ways to look for flights.

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How to book a flight on Google Flights

To book a flight with Google Flights, first you should sign into your Google account on your Mac or PC. You can go through most of the process without doing so, but your research will be lost if you close your browser without signing in.

1. Navigate to Google Flights on your PC or Mac computer.

2. Click on “Round trip” to select from the dropdown menu whether you’re looking for a round trip, one-way, or multi-city ticket.

3. Then, next to the ticket type option click on “1 passenger” to select how …read more

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