Sara Foster and her husband Tommy Haas have vastly different opinions about the Peloton bike.

In a series of videos shared by Foster, 39, on Instagram Wednesday, the couple hilariously argue about the popular cycling machine because they “ran out of things to fight about” after “14 days quarantined” amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Not one athlete — one real athlete — has motivation needs a Peloton to look at a big screen, that’s way too big anyway, to have somebody tell them what to do on what level,” Haas, who is a professional tennis player, tells his wife in the first clip.

“What do you have against Peloton,” the Barely Famous alum retorts, to which Haas, 41, denies having a problem with the bike.

“It’s great for people like you. I think it’s awesome. I think you need the motivation. I think you need the inspiration all the time to tell you what to do,” the athlete explains in a second video. “I don’t need that. I want my peace. When I go on the bicycle … I know what I’m going to do. I have my different levels.”

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How many couples will make it through the quarantine? Asking for a friend.

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He continues in a third clip, “The best thing for anyone would be to get a real road bike and go out there, especially during these times. Even though you’re not supposed to go outside, you still have social distancing, you know? That’s what we do.”

“Why are you so mad,” Foster asks, before Haas tells her …read more

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