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House Democrats voted on a bill designed to lower drug prices and strengthen the Affordable Care Act.
While the bill won’t become law, the goal was to highlight Republican opposition to the healthcare law ahead of the 2020 elections.
The bill included a provision that would let the government regulate drug prices and use those savings to pay for expanding healthcare coverage.
But the bill didn’t touch on other Democratic priorities, including a public option.
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House Democrats passed a bill Monday that would pour more funding into the Affordable Care Act and force drug companies to lower their prices.

The bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement, doesn’t have any chance of becoming law in this Congress because it won’t be taken up by the Republican-controlled Senate. House Democrats instead set it up as a messaging move ahead of the 2020 election as a way to cast themselves as the party that wants to help more people get healthcare coverage at a lower cost in the middle of a pandemic.

The bill cleared the House with a 234-179 vote along party lines. Part of Democrats’ goal was to put the a spotlight on Republicans up for re-election, who have voted to repeal the ACA, knowing they would vote against Monday’s measure. It also was aimed at drawing a contrast with the Trump administration, which is fighting to have the healthcare law thrown out in court.

Democrats are hoping to repeat their winning strategy from the 2018 midterms, when they picked up 41 seats and gained control of the House. That year, they campaigned heavily on the ACA and bashed Republicans and the Trump administration for wanting to repeal it.

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