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PwC’s innovation leader says companies need to continue to find new opportunities for growth during the coronavirus pandemic. They can do this by investing in several key areas. Here are the three investments employers should make right now to come out stronger.


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This week we show you how to make cold calls to widen your network, what it takes to land a job at Edward Jones, and books to help you recognize your unconscious bias.

VCs and entrepreneurs recommend more cold calls to widen your network and ramp up business while everyone is working remotely

It’s time for business leaders to reexamine how they network, otherwise they’ll miss out on financial performance, and the benefits of diverse ideas and an inclusive culture. Warm introductions, a staple of the business world, can lead to a homogenous network, so taking cold calls can be one quick way to widen your scope.


The head of Edward Jones shares the company’s plan for reopening offices during the pandemic and what it takes to land a job at the financial-services firm managing $1.2 trillion in assets

At financial-services firm Edward Jones, the coronavirus pandemic has spurred innovative thinking among employees. Managing partner Penny Pennington told us how that’s played out — and shared the attitude she’s looking for in every new hire.


6 books to help you find your hidden prejudices so you can root them out

Most people like to think they’re not racist, sexist, or have any other ill preconceived notion toward others. But unfortunately, research has shown time and time again that most of us do hold some implicit bias that skews the way we see the world and each other.

These books can help you root out your bias.


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