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A website is allowing prospective tech employees to anonymously purchase a job referral from existing tech workers for $20 to $50 apiece.
Rooftop Slushie, created by the makers of techie chat favorite Blind, has hosted 11,000 referral transactions since it was launched in 2019. Facebook and Google referrals are the most popular.
The “vendors” are established employees at companies like Amazon, Google, and Twitter who can become verified on the website and vet candidate submissions before accepting the deal.
The site’s product manager told One Zero that the service helps improve a skilled candidate’s chances of getting hired, but critics say paying for and accepting payment for a job referral is unethical.
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The hiring process in the tech world can be competitive, and getting your foot in the door to score an interview can be easier if someone’s vouching for you.

A website has commoditized such referrals, allowing eager prospective employees to purchase one for $20 to $50.

Job candidates have purchased more than 11,000 job referrals through the online marketplace Rooftop Slushie since the website was launched in 2019, as writer Seth King reported in One Zero on Sunday.

Rooftop Slushie was formed by the creators of Blind, the anonymous chat site favored by tech workers where they can freely air their grievances about the industry.

Here’s how it works: Job candidates fill out a form, seen below, indicating the companies where they’re hoping to apply. Then they list what they’re willing to pay and upload their resume.

Tech workers can become verified on Rooftop Slushie as “vendors.” They peruse the forms that candidates submit, taking into account their asking price and the quality of their resume, and then decide if they will accept or not. According to Gizmodo, employees from 83,000 companies — including Google, Amazon, …read more

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