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A constant stream of entertainment and information, social media keeps us in permanent discovery mode.
Between targeted ads, branded influencer posts, and sponsored stories, we’ve found tons of fun and interesting products and brands on our social media feeds.
From buzzy skincare lines to companies making cleverly designed water bottles, we rounded up 10 cool brands we’ve discovered through social media, below.
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Social media is more than just photo-sharing and messaging your friends. With so many different platforms available, social media as a whole can serve multiple purposes. It can help us stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, and it can also serve as pure entertainment by showing us cute video compilations of puppies (which is sometimes exactly what we need).

One of our favorite ways to use social media is to help us discover cool brands and products. Apparently, we’re not alone. A July 2019 polling from Yotpo found that 55.2% of Gen-Z internet users and 50.6% of Millenials claimed their most recent fashion purchase was inspired by something they saw on social media.

Whether it’s a sponsored post, targeted ad, or an organic mention of a product by an Instagram influencer, there are plenty of ways we may be inspired by what we see on our screens. While I have my qualms about targeted ads, I can’t say that they haven’t introduced me to some awesome products I probably would have never found otherwise. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite social media discoveries with you. We’ll tell you what they are and how we found them, and maybe they’ll even inspire a purchase of your own.

Keep reading for 10 brands we’ve discovered on social media:

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