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The world’s most successful companies rely on the agile framework to develop products more quickly and improve employee happiness.
The method, which uses independent, small, cross-functional teams, or “scrums,” proved critical during the operational upheavals caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
But the nation’s leading experts on the framework say it can also be effective in addressing the second crisis facing corporate America right now: systemic racism in the workplace.
“A lot of stuff any organization is going to try on this isn’t going to work,” said Scrum Inc. CEO JJ Sutherland. “What scrum does is give you the rapid feedback loop to allow you to do that, to get whether what you’re doing is effective.”
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Some of the most successful companies in the world — like Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and Amazon — rely on the “agile” framework.

The strategy depends on small, cross-functional teams known as “scrums” that operate largely independently. It’s a shift from the traditional structures that siloed employees within specific business units. The idea is to make collaboration less scarce.

The cohorts — which can include individuals from verticals like IT, supply chain operations, sales, and legal — are given all the resources they might need to complete the objective at hand and then provided the freedom to go deliver on that goal, with strict metrics in place to quickly evaluate for success.

There can be significant benefits to the structure, including quicker development timelines, improved employee happiness, and greater output. At 1-800-Contacts, for example, production times went down to just two days. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the pivot to agile helped Fidelity improve associate productivity by 147%.

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