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Kim Kardashian West is likely not a billionaire, despite numerous headlines making that claim after a new investment in KKW Beauty valued the company at $1 billion.
The billion-dollar figure is based on a sole transaction and is likely inflated by the brand’s strong social media presence.
Forbes estimates that Kardashian West’s current net worth is more like $900 million.
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Kim Kardashian West’s beauty brand now has a $1 billion valuation after a $200 million investment from Coty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the reality television star is a member of the three comma club.

Media outlets from Vanity Fair to The Daily Mail have started calling Kardashian West a billionaire following the deal, but the reality is likely much more complex. Forbes estimates Kardashian West’s net worth to be more like $900 million, saying that the company’s “sky-high” valuation likely has more to do with its social media presence than actual revenues.

KKW Beauty’s new $1 billion valuation means only that the company is projected to be worth $1 billion based solely on the price of Coty’s new investment, not that it currently has or has ever made $1 billion. As a result, such valuations are routinely written down when used to calculate the company owner’s net worth. Forbes, for instance, says it prefers to “lop off” at least 10% of private assets like that when estimating a person’s net worth.

Furthermore, Forbes doesn’t think Kardashian West is KKW Beauty’s sole owner. The magazine estimates that Kardashian West’s mother Kris Jenner owns 8% of the business, though neither responded to Forbes’ request for comment regarding their stakes in the beauty brand.

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