Dina Manzo and Thomas Manzo

Dina Manzo’s ex-husband has been arrested.

And the reason why may come as a surprise.

On Tuesday, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum’s ex, Thomas Manzo, and John Perna, an alleged organized crime soldier, were taken into custody in New Jersey on charges of planning and carrying out an assault on David Cantin five years ago.

Cantin (pictured below) married Manzo in 2017.

According to the indictment:

Thomas “was a co-owner of a restaurant and wedding venue in Passaic County at which defendant John Perna was scheduled to hold a wedding reception on August 16, 2015.

“Many of the guests invited to the reception were members of the Lucchese Crime Family.”

It gets far sketchier…

According to the documents, Thomas was “upset” that Cantin “had an ongoing relationship with” his ex-wife, Dina, and “planned to have a violent assault committed on” him “that would leave a permanent facial scar.”

In early 2015, Thomas therefore came up with a dangerous quid pro quo.

He alleged “offered to hold the [aforementioned] reception for free or at a deeply discounted price if” Perna “would commit or cause to be committed a violent assault” on Cantin.

Yikes, right?!?

Later that year, “on or about July 18, 2015,” Perna and an accomplice followed Cantin “to a strip mall in Passaic County, New Jersey,” where the pair “attacked” Cantin “in the parking lot,” based on the indictment.

Perna reportedly “used a dangerous weapon, namely a slap jack, with the intent to inflict serious permanent injury” on Cantin.

In “return for the commission of the violent assault” on Cantin, Thomas “fulfilled his agreement to hold the reception at a free or discounted price,” the documents continue.

Both Manzo and Perna have been charged with committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity and conspiracy to commit a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity.

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