Seattle at Arizona, Sunday, October 25, 1:05 p.m. Pacific

SPONSORED – Arizona is where Seattle’s fans first made a national reputation, chanting behind a television set after a Thursday night win during the franchise’s first Super Bowl season.

Arizona is also the site of Seattle’s first tie in franchise history and the place where it suffered its most heart-breaking loss.
It is one of the easiest trips Seattle makes every year, and it is one of the best. A weekend of sunshine in the midst of a Northwest fall, a trip that I’ve been making annually for almost 20 years now.

And one of my favorite memories in that time comes from a Thursday night in 2017 before Seattle went out and played the longest game in franchise history. I met up with Dave Palm before that game. You might know Dave. Or at least know him if you saw him. He’s got an absolutely dashing Mariners’ suit, which he’ll wear to the ballpark. I know him as the guy I kept bumping into at various airports and football stadiums.

That’s because he’s always on the road, too. Ever since the first road game of Russell Wilson’s first season in Seattle, which was played in Arizona. That was the year he earned a Masters in computer science and decided that he was going to attend every one of Seattle’s 16 games in 2012.
“If I was ever going to do it, that was the year,” Palm told me before that Thursday game in Phoenix.

That was the 101st consecutive Seattle game Palm had attended, and run that included flying from Seattle to Atlanta and back in the same 24-hour period. He attended the coldest game in franchise history, which was a playoff game in Minnesota in January 2016. He also attended one of the hottest, which …read more

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