The ability to both hear and see baby makes video monitors a popular choice over audio-only baby monitors.
Video baby monitors are generally safe to use, but parents should observe a few security precautions.
The sleep tracking and insights along with an excellent user experience put the Nanit Plus at the top of our list of the best video baby monitors.

I grew up believing my parents had eyes in the back of their heads, but, sadly, I didn’t immediately sprout an extra pair of eyes immediately after donning the title of mother. Video baby monitors are the next best thing.

Video monitors allow caregivers to keep both eyes and ears on the baby, answering questions that a simple audio monitor cannot, like, When did he fall asleep? and in the toddler years, Did she just climb out of the bed?

Just 10 years ago, these monitors were clunky gadgets that played constant audio and offered a pixelated picture of the crib. Now they can send a detailed sleep analysis to your smartphone, play white noise and lullabies, and even track breathing.

While the exact feature list varies by model, video monitors typically come equipped with a night mode to see the room in the dark, a thermometer to see if the baby’s room is too hot or cold, and two-way audio to talk to the baby (or tell the toddler to get back in bed).

Some baby monitors are fixed in place, while others allow the camera to remotely pan around the room using the parent unit. And with smart baby monitors, the list of possible features is even longer.

I tested nine of the top-ranked video baby monitors with my now 10-month-old across several categories. Each one was tested for at least five days, including naps …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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