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UK schools closed during the coronavirus pandemic, and parents turned to private, online tutors to help educate their children.
Sign-ups to become tutors have rocketed during the COVID-19 crisis, and parents are using online tutors to plug the gaps in home teaching.
Business Insider spoke to tutors to find out what it’s been like to teach children online — and to discuss whether online tuition will last after lockdown.
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Leon Hady’s 6-foot-5 frame intimidates some of his students. The former headteacher tries to make himself “smaller” to put them at ease — but in the age of coronavirus, he doesn’t have to.

“Not being physically present in homes makes people calmer,” he says about tutoring children online. “When we’re both on screen, I’m the same size [as them].” The worries of face-to-face teaching are “now somewhat gone.”

It’s part of the “democratisation” of private tuition during the COVID-19 crisis, Hady says. The Tutors’ Association, a professional membership group, estimates there were 250,000 private tutors in the UK before the pandemic, and lockdown has opened new doors for people without teaching experience to join the crowd.

Since leaving his head-teaching job in 2016, Hady has spearheaded Guide Education, an online portal valued at £15 million ($19.3 million) that teaches 380,000 children around the world. He has already seen an uptake of people retired, furloughed, or made redundant retraining as tutors, especially since schools closed. The pandemic, he says, is “flattening out the tuition market.”

Jessica Ramos, founder of SPEL languages and a full-time foreign languages tutor, fell into it after failing to find work after her graduation from university last year. With opportunities shrinking, Ramos began teaching Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

“You can get so many benefits from virtual learning … If anything, remote tuition makes you work harder as a …read more

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