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Bergmeyer is an architecture and design firm based in Boston. They recently brought employees back into the office in 3 waves.
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As an architecture and design firm in Boston, our company was fully prepared to take the necessary steps in bringing our employees back to the office safely. Since we’re experts in thoughtful design and branding (and have helped design offices for companies like Uppa Baby and California Closets), we were more than ready to take on this unique challenge within our own space.

Once our local officials deemed it safe to do so, we welcomed our first small group of pioneers back into our office on June 1, and we wanted to share what we have learned from it.

We’re currently in Wave 3 of our re-entry plan:

Wave 1 began on June 1
Wave 2 began on June 22
Wave 3 began on July 13

All of our employees chose what date they felt comfortable returning to the office, and so all Wave participants willingly returned — no one was forced.

For Wave 1, we planned for up to 15% capacity per day, but it topped out at about 10%. We staggered M/W/F or T/TH shifts in the office.

And while we planned on being close to full capacity by Wave 3 (50% on any day), we’re currently at about 30% capacity on any given day (60% overall). This is because of myriad challenges that our team is still working through, like securing proper child care.

We polled our Wave 1 staff and asked them several questions so that we could better prepare for Waves 2 and 3:

What is working and what isn’t in our de-densified office environment?
How are you finding a staggered work schedule of M/W/F and T/TH?
How are you commuting to work? Is it different from how you commuted …read more

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