Turo is the sharing economy’s answer to big car rental agencies.
Through Turo, you can rent everything from a run-of-the-mill Ford Mustang or Dodge Minivan to the latest Tesla, or choose from a whole bevy of classics like a 1968 Mercedes coupe or a 1974 MG Roadster, or yes, even a fully kitted-out 1980s Volkswagen Westfalia.
I’ve tried the service twice: once car-camping in the Pacific Northwest for a week, and getting down to the Florida Keys from Miami International Airport. Here’s why I’m smitten.
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The novel coronavirus has upended travel plans on a massive scale. With Americans being banned from entering a long list of countries and many travelers being rightfully hesitant to get on planes right now, domestic trips and road trips have been on the rise.

For those that don’t own a car, that requires renting. While there are many traditional car rental options, as well as options for RVs and camper vans, the prices often skyrocket during the most popular seasons, and sometimes the car you want isn’t necessarily available.

Whether you’re looking to get out of town in style, tear out into the wilds, or just avoid the line at Hertz, Turo, the sharing economy’s answer to car rentals, may be the solution to all of your car-renting woes. What’s more? You can also now earn a little (quasi-)passive income renting your own wheels out, too.

If you’re wondering if travel and …read more

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