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Conservative Members of Parliament seeking to stop UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to break international law and dismantle his Brexit deal with the EU want to enlist his predecessor Theresa May to front the rebellion party sources have told Business Insider.

The former prime minister, who worked on negotiating the deal before handing over to Johnson in 2019, has already spoken publicly against Johnson’s plan in the House of Commons this week.

May is unlikely to personally front any rebellion against Johnson next week, given she is reportedly set to miss the vote on Johnson’s plan due to take place next week.

However, Johnson’s plan has already triggered his premiership’s biggest rebellion to date, with two other former Conservative leaders – John Major and Michael Howard – joining a growing list of party grandees unhappy with his plan.

The rebellion is a sign of growing discontent with Johnson among Conservative MPs amid widespread speculation that he could be forced to stand down before the end of his term, following a sometimes chaotic first year as prime minister.

Boris Johnson’s annus horribilis

Johnson began 2020 promising that it would be a “fantastic year for Britain”.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the country harder than almost any other in the developed world, with the prime minister and several members of his top team also falling ill with the virus.

Multiple controversies, including most notably the revelation that his own chief of staff had broken lockdown rules, have marred Johnson’s premiership.

However, despite everything, the prime minister can be grateful that his support among the British public hasn’t taken that much of a dip.

The same cannot be said for his backbench Conservative members of parliament, however. Fresh from a summer of multiple U-turns on major issues …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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