My Seattle Mariners experience has certainly been a strange one.

Mariners angry but believe team is ‘strong enough to withstand’

I didn’t suffer through the long years before 1995, though I’ve certainly read about them. I can’t tell you how it felt to see Ken Griffey Jr. – baseball’s biggest star – request a trade out of Seattle. Nor have I been here long enough to feel the pain of a playoff drought dating back to 2001.

Comparatively, my Mariners experience has been… a fun one!

I saw Kyle Lewis hit his first home run at T-Mobile Park off Trevor Bauer in a win over the Reds. Yeah. That’s right.


The M’s are undefeated at games I have attended.


Even better? This past season was an unexpected surprise. Lewis made good on my prediction that he’d be American League Rookie of the Year, and the Mariners showed a lot of scrap, finding themselves within striking distance of a playoff spot in the second-to-last series of the season.

“Pawl, you sound like you’re trying to lure us into a pyramid scheme.”

I know. And I’ll be the first to admit that given my expectations, the bar to impress me was pretty low. But even with those lowered standards, my capacity to be sports disappointed always exists. Sunday, I finally found myself experiencing with the fan base what some might call a “Classic Mariners” moment.

I guess some steps were made in the right direction. Team president and CEO Kevin Mather wasn’t fired for what he said to the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club – and apparently still has an ownership stake in the team – but at the very least he resigned. And after a long waiting period, Mariners chairman John Stanton answered a bevvy of questions from the press Monday afternoon, though I doubt he eased …read more

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