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Blooom is an investment advisor that manages retirement accounts with no minimum balance requirement or asset under management fee.
Blooom has a free analysis tool that will analyze your workplace retirement plan or IRA.
For ongoing management of one retirement account, plus unlimited access to a financial advisor, blooom charges $120 a year.
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As long as you’re of working age, you should be planning for retirement.

The savings part might be automatic if you’re putting money into a 401(k) at work or making regularly scheduled contributions to an individual retirement account (IRA), but that’s not all there is to it.

You need an investment strategy to make the most of the money you’re setting aside. That means putting the right proportions into stocks and bonds to match up with your risk tolerance — how much risk you can stomach — and your time horizon — when you plan to retire and start drawing from your nest egg. Sounds a bit time consuming, right?

Enter: blooom (yes, three o’s). Blooom is an investment advisor that takes charge of your retirement accounts for you to make sure you’re staying on course as the markets ebb and flow.

In short, blooom reviews your retirement account (or multiple), determines your ideal stock/bond mix, and picks quality, low-cost funds so that fees — which are generally unavoidable but can be mitigated — aren’t eating into your returns. And then it does all the heavy lifting.

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Prefer a hands-off approach when it comes to investing
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