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Interest in jobs in social media has skyrocketed — either in front of a camera as an influencer or behind the scenes at a tech platform like YouTube. 

A 2019 survey by the toy brand Lego found that more children aspired to become YouTubers and vloggers than teachers or astronauts. And companies like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have been hiring at a fast clip.

Employee headcounts at YouTube and Instagram rose 24% and 26%, respectively, in the past year, according to LinkedIn analysis. TikTok grew even faster in LinkedIn’s data set, increasing its employee count by 158% between April 2020 and April 2021. 

The hiring spree coincides with an overall increase in social-media use, with global social-network users rising 8.1% in 2020. 

Insider spoke with current and former employees at YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to help readers understand how to land a job in social media.

Sources told Insider that applicants should expect to be drilled on how familiar they are with each company’s core product. Hiring managers said that they’re interested in hearing from applicants on how they could improve their products.

“Something that’s always really impressive to us is when people are able to come into an interview and explain how we can be better,” Charniece Huff, a product manager at YouTube, told Insider. “Those are the kind of applicants that really stand out to us.” 

Here’s a full breakdown of how Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube approach hiring, including what the companies look for in new hires, and how to stand out as an applicant:


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Source:: Business Insider


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