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Nom Nom is a subscription-based service that delivers fresh cat or dog food right to your door each month.

We had three cats test out Nom Nom and got mixed reactions, but one cat had an exceptionally enthusiastic response to the food.
Prices start at $27 per week for an 8-pound cat or 20-pound dog. Sign up now and get 20% off your first two weeks.

If you clicked into this post, I’m willing to bet that you have a pet. And if you have a pet, I’m willing to bet that you’re just as obsessed with yours as the editors of Insider Reviews are with ours. 

Most of us would do anything to help our pet overcome an injury or sickness, which was exactly what Nom Nom co-founders Zach Phillips and his brother Nate did when Zach’s dog Harlee suffered from a compromised immune system. In an effort to nurse Harlee back to health, Zach’s vet, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, helped him develop recipes for easy-to-digest food made from pure, byproduct-free ingredients. The diet helped Harlee make a dramatic recovery and inspired the idea for their business. 

Out of one dog’s need for healthier and whole foods came the idea for a fresh, customizable meal plan for other dogs and cats. 

Nom Nom promises “care-grade” food that’s prepared in small batches with whole ingredients you can find in grocery stores like chicken, pork, asparagus, and carrots. It’s conveniently preportioned for your pet’s exact needs — be it weight loss, weight gain, improvements in skin conditions, or specific dietary requirements. All the formulations are also safe and appropriate for pets of all …read more

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