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Charging your iPhone with a Lightning cable isn’t always convenient. Sometimes the cords start to fray and break, while other times they are just not long enough to reach you.

Whether you need an extra-long cord, a super-short one, or the most durable one in the world, there are plenty of options out there when shopping for a new Lightning cable.

It’s important to note that we only recommend Lightning cables that are MFi-certified by Apple. Many cheap cables do not come with this certification and have proven to be dangerous or ineffective.

Here are the best Lightning cables you can buy:

Best Lightning cable overall: Anker PowerLine cables
Best long Lightning cable: Native Union Night cable
Best tough Lightning cable: Fuse Chicken Titan cable
Best light-up cable: Monoprice Luxe Series Lightning Charge & Sync cable
Best universal Lightning cable: Nomad Universal Cable

Updated on 04/06/2021 by Sarah Lord: Moved the Fuse Chicken Shield from products we are looking forward to testing to other products we considered. Added more detail to the Anker Powerline, Fuse Chicken Titan, and Native Union Night cables based on personal use and testing.

The best Lightning cable overall

The Anker PowerLine Lightning cables are the best cords for most people with sturdy design, fast charging speed, and a fair price.

MFi certified: Yes

Material: Synthetic rubber

Reinforced connectors: Yes

Size: 3 feet or 6 feet

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Pros: Made from durable aramid fiber, lots of …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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