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A video clip of activist Stacey Abrams went viral on Wednesday after she was challenged by a GOP senator to list her objections to Georgia’s controversial new election law.

Republican Sen. John Kennedy on Tuesday asked Abrams, the founder of voting rights group Fair Fight, to list her objections to Georgia’s restrictive new voting law, which she said contained racist provisions.

Abrams, who was credited with helping President Joe Biden win Georgia and who previously served as a Democratic lawmaker in the Georgia House of Representatives, responded with a long list of her objections to the law that eventually resulted in Sen. Kennedy interrupting to stop her.

“Tell me specifically, just give me a list of the provisions that you object to,” said Sen. John Kennedy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on voting rights on Tuesday.

Abrams replied: “I object to the provisions that remove access to the right to vote, that shorten the run-off period from nine weeks to four weeks, that restrict the time that a voter can request to return an absentee ballot…”

Sen. Kennedy then interrupted Abrams and asked her to “start over.”

She then proceeded to detail a long list of objections to the bill. As Abrams continued to describe those objections, Sen. Kennedy asked her a total of three times: “What else?”

Republican Senator John Kennedy asks @StaceyAbrams to give him a list of provisions in Georgia’s new voter suppression law that she objects to.

It’s a long list.

Give it a listen:

— Senate Democrats (@SenateDems) April 20, 2021

Eventually, as Abrams continued to detail problems with the bill, he asked: “Is that everything?”

Abrams replied: “No it is not, no sir,” and continued to list objections to the bill until Sen. Kennedy finally interrupted her and said: “OK, I get the …read more

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