David and Ducks

Only David Eason, folks.

Sadly, horribly, and VERY disturbingly… David Eason may be the only person about whom we can write a headline such as the one above and not have a single reader bat an eye.

We’re guessing you’re curious to hear the story behind it, sure.

But we’re also guessing you pretty much nodded along when you read those words and figured ‘yup, of course David Eason threatened to smack his daughter after she urged him to stop murdering tiny animals.’

So, let’s dig into the latest example of David Eason being a total psychopath, shall we?

Eason, who admitted to shooting and murdering his family’s dog in 2019, filmed himself this week alongside four-year old daughter Ensley.

In footage uploaded to TikTok — which was captured by a fan and then sent to our friends at The Ashley — the toddler is calmly taking a look at some young chicks inside of the family’s coup.

“Remember you killed the baby chicks?” she tells her dad at one point. “Don’t shoot them again again! Then I’ll be so mad.”

What? David responds, clearly taken aback by the accusation.

“If you kill them again I’ll be so mad!” the little girl reiterates.

“Girl you have lost your mind,” David fires back Ensley, growing angry and denying the charge. “What are you talking about?”

“Yesterday you killed a baby chick,” she says simply, standing her ground.

This is where Eason starts to lose it, which can often be a dangerous proposition.

“Why, why would you say that?” he asks Ensley.

“Because you did!” Ensley tells him.

“No I did not!” David yells before getting even more angry and then issuing the following threat: “I will smack you in the mouth!”

This is where the footage cuts off.

We can’t confirm whether or not Eason did, indeed, murder any chicks over the past …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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