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Teachers are the backbone of our educational system. The best ones teach students everything they need to know in and beyond the classroom, with endless enthusiasm, patience, and compassion along the way. 

It’s a difficult job — especially this year, when so many teachers had to adjust to remote learning and instructing via Zoom. So make sure to give the teachers in your life the thanks they deserve with a gift they’ll actually use and enjoy.

Three months free of learning a new language

3 Months of Rosetta Stone, from Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is giving three months of free access to its language learning programs to eligible teachers and healthcare workers. They can start anytime between May 1 and May 31, and if they have an existing subscription, Rosetta Stone will extend it by three months (unless it’s already a lifetime plan). If you’d like to gift them a program they can use for longer, you can browse Rosetta Stone’s options here.

A tablet and pen that lets them convey handwritten material remotely

XP-Pen Graphic Tablet, available on Amazon, $29.99

One of the difficult aspects of remote learning is finding resourceful and convenient ways to mirror in-person tactics teachers use. This Graphic Tablet lets teachers draw using the stylus to convey information they may have handwritten before, such as math formulas or diagrams.

A funny book of the best wrong test answers

“F in Exams” by Richard Benson, from Uncommon Goods, $8.50

After a stressful year for teachers, you may want to celebrate the funny and lighthearted side of the job. This book compiles some of the most amusing and inventive real-life wrong answers to grade school and high school tests.

A personalized embosser for their personal library

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