Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was adamant about one thing Thursday: he never requested a trade.

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Really, he was adamant about a few things during his post-OTA press conference. He also stressed was that he wants to win more than anything and that he’s excited about this year’s team – both themes he repeated on multiple occasions. But it was clear Seattle’s quarterback was willing to clear that primary rumor up early.

The follow-up answers were a little murkier.

But the backstory behind a strange Seahawks offseason is, at least partially, starting to take shape.

“There were a lot of teams out there that people were saying I was going to go to or would go to,” Wilson said in what was likely a reference to conversations stemming from a report in The Athletic that spoke of discord between key parties and included the Jets, Dolphins, Raiders and Saints as potential trade destinations. “(Saying) I requested a trade. I did not request a trade. I’ve always wanted to play here. And the reality is that I think calls were getting thrown around and this and that. And I think that’s just a reality. But I think at the end of the day the real reality is that I’m here, and I’m here to win, and I’m here to win it all.”

It’s possible to believe that Wilson truly does want to remain in Seattle while also questioning the notion that tensions weren’t brewing this offseason – on either side. Because while there were indeed people saying Wilson would go to a number of potential teams, one of those people was his own agent, Mark Rodgers.

Rodgers told ESPN’s Adam Schefter in February that contrary to reports, Wilson had …read more

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