It’s easy to put your Instagram on private.

You can make your Instagram private on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

When you make Instagram private, you keep current followers but have to approve all new follower requests.

Once your Instagram is private, anyone who doesn’t follow you won’t be able to see your posts or stories.
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By default, Instagram accounts are set to be public. But there is always the option to go private, meaning only followers you approve will be able to see your posts.

When you make your Instagram account private, everyone who is already following you will still follow you. But new followers will only be able to request to follow you (those requests will appear in your Instagram notifications tab) and you’ll be able to approve or decline those requests.

Here’s how to make your Instagram private, whether you’re on your mobile device or a desktop computer.

What happens when you make Instagram private

Approving followers. When your Instagram account is private, you’ll have to approve all follow requests, and only those you approve will be able to see your content.

Seeing requests. If someone requests to follow your private account, you’ll see a notification by clicking the heart icon at the top-right of the app homepage.

Removing followers. When you set your account from public to private, everyone who was already following you will still be following your private account. You can remove a follower, or block a user so they can no longer view your private account without sending a request.

Getting messages. Anyone who doesn’t follow your private account can still send you a message.

How to make Instagram private on the mobile app

1. Open the Instagram …read more

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