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It’s fair to say that making mistakes is something every human does occasionally, if not daily. Because they can be difficult to notice and account for, it’s hard to know exactly how many mistakes an average person makes in a day. People probably forget the small, inconsequential mistakes. The big ones, however? They tend to stick.

The bigger the impact of the mistake, the more it sticks. That’s something Alecksandro Rizzo knows all too well, having made his fair share of mistakes during his career. Still, the digital entrepreneur seems to be prospering, so it’s safe to say he’s found a way to deal with mistakes and use them to his advantage. Here’s what he’s willing to share about it.

Try to Notice the Mistake as Soon as Possible

One of the mistakes Alecksandro Rizzo was often guilty of was relying on the wrong people. “The people I relied on would lead me down a path that wasn’t right for me,” he says. “But as soon as I would notice what’s going on, I would take a step back.”

This awareness is something people might want to practice, as there’s nothing better than early detection when it comes to mistakes. Letting them grow, snowball, and turn into something with the potential for dire circumstances is never a good idea. The key is to be mindful of one’s thoughts, but also the surrounding circumstances. Practice makes perfect, too.

Don’t Dwell – Investigate

Mistakes will inevitably happen. Even the best mistake-catchers can’t catch every one, and that’s okay. When a mistake happens, and it has an impact, dwelling on it for too long is the least productive thing a person can do. Dwelling on things is only good if it doesn’t stop one from doing something more important.

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