Brendan Morais and Pieper James at Dinner

It was a nighht of reckoning on Bachelor in Paradise this week.

And not a moment too soon, most viewers would likely agree.

Last week on this ABC reality show, Brendan Morais reunited with Pieper James, a new contestant he had dated for a period of time before filming ever began.

Morais did so immediately after connecting on the island with Natasha Parker, who was aghast to learn about the extent of Brendan and Pieper’s pre-Paradise relationship.

At one point, Parker trashed Morais as a liar for misleading her.

She also openly wondered whether Brendan and Pieper had orchestrated this whole thing just to garner some headlines and boost their social media following.

Cut to Tuesday’s episode and guest host Tituss Burgess telling the group:

“If you’re already in a relationship, that defeats the purpose of coming here.”

Hear that, Brendan Morais and Pieper James?!?

Parker said she felt like she’d been “completely manipulated, completely lied” to by Brendan, who apparently feigned interest in her in order to stick around until Pieper arrived in Paradise.

“He completely downplayed their relationship to me to wait until she got here,” Natasha told her costars.

Joe Amabile took it from there.

“People feel like you two had a relationship prior to the show and you came on the show just to come on it and you knew you were going to be together and you knew you were leaving together and it was pretty much set up,” Joe told Brendan and Pieper.

“And that was the beef between Chris and Alana.”

Morais once again tried to allege that he wasn’t all that close to James; that the two had only had a couple of dinners prior to shoooting.

“I liked Pieper before the show,” he said.

“Natasha and I had a certain connection that was void of any romance and I tried to get there and I never promised …read more

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