A Help Wanted sign hangs in the window of a restaurant in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

US employers are desperate for workers, sometimes hiring employees without a full vetting.
Recently, some new hires are showing up just long enough to get paid before disappearing.
One source called the practice “ghosting coasting,” according to the Federal Reserve of Atlanta.

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Vanished. Left on read. Stood up. Ghosted.

It has become a fact of modern social life that someone will – at some point – leave you hanging without any explanation. Odds are you’ve done the same to someone else.

Now, that social disappearing act has arrived in the workplace in a new way as US employers scramble to find staff – sometimes hiring candidates without a full vetting of their qualifications.

Ghosting has become such an issue for employers that none other than the Federal Reserve of Atlanta made mention of it in the Fed’s latest roundup of economic trends from across its 12 districts.

“Retention continued to be a growing problem for firms,” the Atlanta Fed reported. “Restauranteurs noted concerns over ‘ghosting coasting,’ where a new hire works for a few days and moves on to the next restaurant without notice before they are let go due to lack of skills.”

The trend can be even more costly when employers offer up-front bonuses and incentives like free food and discounts to simply apply or accept a job.

Disruptive as the trend may be for employers, Adrienne Slack, the regional executive for the New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Fed, would give workers the benefit of the doubt here.

“The restaurant industry in particular, it can be a tough place to work,” she told NPR’s Robert Smith and Adrian Ma on the …read more

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