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Population, not housing,is California’s problem

On Aug. 27, The Mercury News  published an article about our Legislature passing SB 9 (“Lawmakers pave way for more housing,” Page A4), the bill allowing developers to convert single-family homes to multi-family dwellings. SB 9 supposedly mitigates our issues of housing shortage, affordability and homelessness. Ignored is the fact that our state has too many people squeezing into a finite space that is already hideously congested.

Destroying single-family homes means destroying the peace and tranquility of their neighborhoods. In a state that lacks water and charges an extra $1 a gallon for gas due to air pollution, the last thing we need is more people. The idea that SB 9 will make a dent in either affordability or homelessness is a cruel myth. A price reduction from $3 million to $1 million is a joke if your home is an RV or camper. If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs SB 9, he has signed the California dream’s death knell.

Kirch DeMartiniSaratoga

Quest for solar a taleof hurry up and wait

For any environmentally conscious resident of Santa Clara County who is considering a ground-mounted solar system, don’t hold your breath.

We applied for a permit in early March of this year and did not receive final approval until Aug. 19. We are still waiting for PG&E’s blessing – no telling how long this will take.

Apply soon as there is no guarantee how long the federal tax credit will continue.

David ClareMorgan Hill

Texas conservative politicshave an impact even here

Texas protesters are wasting their power by concentrating on their current revulsion to the new and completely absurd anti-abortion law. If they would instead enable a concerted effort to attack the legislators themselves, the state could be soon rid …read more

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