The author, right, with her husband.

My husband’s a spender and I’m a saver, and that dynamic has caused fights in our 14 years together.
We’ve developed three rules that help us discuss money and build wealth, starting with honesty.
We’ve also learned to respect each other’s positions, and remain humble.
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A long time ago, somebody somewhere came up with the idea of taking all of our earthly possessions and sharing them with a life partner. Things have been tricky ever since. Especially money and relationships – they’re a particularly difficult combination. So difficult, in fact, that 36.1% of couples cite money issues as the cause of their divorce. This staggering statistic is likely why 24% of couples choose not to share bank accounts. But for the majority of us, the straightforward route to sharing life’s burdens with our partners means sharing everything.

This is the approach my husband and I chose before we even got married. We adopted the “what’s yours is mine” attitude 14 years ago, as soon as our relationship shifted from casual to serious. As you can imagine, our fights about money began around the same time.

Being a spender/saver couple isn’t always easy

One might think that choosing a person who shares the same goals and values should eliminate all financial conflict, and my husband and I do share …read more

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