Last week, the shortages ticked up to 43% — a new all-time high.

Out-of-stock rates for infant formula ticked up to 43% last week at US retailers, according to Datasembly.
President Biden had a meeting with manufacturers and retailers about fixing the supply.
Abbott Nutrition said it could take up to ten weeks to get new product onto store shelves.

The White House took steps on Thursday to confront the nationwide baby formula shortage. It comes as retailers are starting to warn it may take months to address the problem.

The Biden administration announced a series of regulatory moves to get baby formula onto store shelves more quickly. They’re pushing the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on profiteering, ensuring parents are able to use federal benefits on a wider range of formula products under WIC, a program that aids mothers, infants, and children. 

The White House is also pushing agencies to increase imports of baby formula from abroad, which currently represents only about 2% of the formula consumed in the US .

“We will continue to find other ways to support the safe and rapid increase in production and distribution of this formula,” a senior administration official told reporters on a press call.

Infant formula shortages were bad at the start of April, with out-of-stock percentages topping 30% at US stores during the week of April 3, according to grocery price tracking service Datasembly.

By the end of the month, that number was 40%, including six states with more than half of products out of stock: Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee.

One mom told the NBC affiliate in New Orleans she visited 11 stores in one day searching for formula for her 5-month-old son, and was only able to find two cans.

“This issue has been compounded by supply chain …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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