Dolores Catania STUNS in Teal

After Part 2 of this very messy The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, much of the buzz was about Teresa, Andy, and Joe.

These explosive moments almost — but not quite — distracted us all from a very weird revelation.

For ages, Dolores Catania dated David Principe.

Now, David is dating one of Luis Ruelas’ exes. Small world?

“It’s true,” Dolores confirmed to Andy Cohen at the Reunion special.

However, Teresa Giudice had one little bone to pick with the news.

She claimed that this woman, whose name was not revealed, is “not really” one of her fiance’s exes — not as far as she is concerned.

“It was just someone that he was talking to two months before,” Teresa said dismissively.

Well since “talking” is used all but synonymously with “dating” or at least to mean one of the early stages of dating, how is “ex” not the right label?

Dolores, at least, considers the woman to be an ex of Luis’ no matter what Teresa would like to believe.

“It was two months,” Dolores corrected Teresa.

“And then the day he met you, he never called her again!” she announced.

By all accounts, once Teresa and Luis got together, everything else went up in smoke. They were, and are, crazy about each other.

“So, he ghosted this woman for you?” Andy asked.

People sometimes exaggerate what ghosting means, but “talking” for months only to go radio silent without explanation would certainly qualify.

“Well, I don’t know. You have to ask him what he told her,” Teresa replied. “I don’t know.”

Catania’s erstwhile romances have played a significant role in her life.

Obviously, there’s Frank Catania.

But her relationship with David was lengthy, and absolutely impacted how she views life and love.

“Well, my relationship with Frank, I learned that there’s life after that,” Dolores characterized.

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