Closing costs are the amount you’ll need on top of your down payment to buy a house.

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The average closing costs in 2021 were $3,860 without transfer taxes, according to ClosingCorp data. 
When including transfer taxes, that amount increased to $6,905.
These costs cover underwriting, title search, and loan fees, and are on top of the down payment.

The average closing costs required to buy a home in the US  in 2021 were $6,905 including transfer taxes, and $3,860 excluding transfer taxes, according to data from mortgage technology company ClosingCorp.

Transfer taxes are a tax that some state or local governments charge when ownership of a property is transferred from one person to another. The buyer or the seller may pay this cost, depending on where you live.

Closing costs are a major expense to consider when shopping for a mortgage, or considering buying a house. Your closing costs can add significantly to the amount you need to buy a home, and are an expense that’s separate from your down payment. 

It is possible to get a loan without closing costs, but often, the costs roll into the life of the loan. You may find that a loan with lower or no closing costs has a higher interest rate, which could make costs higher than simply paying up front. A lender could also add closing costs to the loan’s principal, which increases the total amount you’ll …read more

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