Russian military cadets take part in Victory Day military parade on Dvortsovaya Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on May, 5, 2022.

A Russian soldier, who refused to fight in Ukraine, told The Guardian he wants to quit the army. 
The soldier said that since there is no martial law in Russia, he is not obliged to fight.
His comments come amid reports that Putin is looking to impose martial law to keep the war going.

A Russian soldier told The Guardian he will quit the army because there is no point in fighting in Ukraine. 

The soldier, identified only as Dmitri, is a member of a unit currently stationed in Belgorod, a Russian city close to the border with Ukraine, The Guardian reported. 

He was transferred to the city after he and eight other soldiers in his battalion refused to continue fighting in Ukraine. It is unclear where exactly in Ukraine he fought.

“I have served for five years in the army. My contract ends in June,” Dmitri told The Guardian. “I will serve my remaining time and then I am out of here.”

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. We aren’t officially in a state of war, so they could not force me to go,” he added. 

Dmitri also told The Guardian that he didn’t want to continue fighting in Ukraine because he wanted to return to his family alive, rather than “in a casket.” 

“Many of us simply did not want to go back,” he added.

His refusal to fight comes amid reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin will “likely” impose martial law to keep the war going in Ukraine, almost four months after the start of his invasion.

So far, he has preferred to euphemistically describe the war as a “special military operation.”

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Source:: Business Insider


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