The social acceptability of shopping addiction makes it more difficult to seek treatment.

Shopping addiction, also referred to as compulsive buying behavior, is a type of behavioral addiction that compels someone to shop uncontrollably.
Shopping addiction usually forms in people who use shopping as a coping mechanism for stress or other problems.
Overcoming a shopping addiction can start with imposing strict rules on your spending with a budget or a shopping list.

Shopping addiction is perhaps the most socially acceptable form of addiction. This can make it difficult to receive treatment or even realize that you have a problem in the first place. 

If you’re here reading this, there’s a good chance you suspect you might have a shopping addiction. This also means you’ve taken the first step to overcome it. “Being self-aware is definitely step number one,” says financial therapist LaQuisha Clemons. 

What is a shopping addiction?

Shopping addiction, clinically referred to as compulsive buying behavior or monomania, is a type of behavioral addiction that compels people to uncontrollably shop. Of all the behavioral addictions — addictions around video games, the internet, and shopping — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, (DSM-V), published by the American Psychiatric Association, only officially classified addiction as a gambling addiction.

How does a shopping addiction form?

Clemons says that the cause of a shopping addiction varies from person to person, but it can often develop from habitual shopping as a coping mechanism for stress. “There are other things underlying that are usually going on,” she says. This becomes all the more problematic when you can shop online instead of at a physical store.

“I got into an argument with my spouse. I’m upset right now,” Clemons says as an example. “I see an ad for a really nice purse, and I’m going to order that really nice …read more

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