“Ultra MAGA.” “MAGA King.” President Joe Biden, who dodged the words “Donald Trump” for more than a year, has suddenly integrated the Trump political movement into his daily lexicon. 

While the White House is employing the tactic purposefully, it doesn’t mean it’s about to engage in culture wars.  

Instead, Biden is attempting what on its face seems unthinkable: Knock the GOP on its heels by tying its message to a policy platform issued by a relatively obscure Florida senator, Rick Scott. They’re doing it with a term Republicans embrace – they’re already selling it on merchandise and fundraising off it – with the GOP already predicting it’ll backfire, and Scott’s political operation saying it couldn’t be happier. 

“It’s hilarious. They’re highlighting their single biggest vulnerability,” said Curt Anderson, a top political adviser and founder of the firm OnMessage Inc., which consults for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and numerous senators and candidates. “It’s almost like they are trying to harm themselves.” 

Whether it’s the subject of ridicule from Republicans, though, doesn’t matter to the White House.

“There’s a very sound, databased research that the term ‘MAGA’ is repellant to swing voters,” a source familiar with the White House strategy told NBC News.

The research, according to the person, was conducted by the Center for American Progress and other Democrats over more than six months.

MAGA is an unmistakable word that easily conveys “extremism” to Republicans own base, and that’s how Democrats want to paint Republicans during the midterms, White House officials said. 

“The plan that congressional Republicans have put forward — whether it’s raising taxes on working families, to picking fights with Mickey Mouse and banning books, are extreme plans that do not focus on the concerns of families across the country,” said Kate Berner, a White House spokesperson. “The President thinks it’s important to …read more

Source:: AOL.com


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