Choix was co-founded by Cindy Adam, Lauren Dubey, Aisha Wagner, and Mark Adam in 2020.

Interest has surged at telehealth abortion clinic Choix since the draft Supreme Court opinion leak.
The US government permanently allowed abortion pills to be delivered by mail in December 2021.
Choix said the reversal could mean more people travelling to other states to access abortion services.

Telehealth abortion clinic Choix said interest in its services surged 300% in the week following the news that Roe v. Wade could potentially be overturned.

The draft Supreme Court opinion, leaked on May 3, could seek to overturn Roe v. Wade – a landmark ruling that protects women’s right to abortions. If the legislation is overturned it could mean abortion becoming illegal in 23 states. 

California-based Choix is a telehealth clinic – an online health service that delivers remote care – for sexual and reproductive needs run by nurse practitioners and doctors. 

Choix, licensed to deliver its services in California, Colorado, and Illinois, said it’s seen a spike in the number of visitors to the website and patient inquiries about the type of care it provides, as well as increased inquiries about what states it serves since the leak.

“We’re getting a lot of interest. People probably want to know if they should ever need this care where they might be able to go. I think the surge was really about people learning more,” co-founder and chief executive Cindy Adam said. 

The US government lifted a ban on mail-order abortion pills in April 2021 after the Supreme Court previously voted to ban the abortion pill from mail delivery. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided in December last year to permanently allow the abortion pills to be delivered by mail rather than requiring it to …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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