Tim Hortons is a beloved fast food chain mostly known for its loyal Canadian customers.
The first store is still open and functioning, and it’s also a museum of the chain and its founder. 
I saw how it feels like a local icon to Canadians, despite now being a multinational chain. 

Tim Hortons is a coffee chain headquartered in Ontario, Canada and beloved by Canadians.

As a Western New Yorker, I’ve grown up going to Tim Hortons, and it’s a staple on long drives and early mornings.

I stopped by the original location, first opened in 1964, on a recent trip to Toronto.

I was initially worried that I might not find the right location, but it was immediately clear when I arrived that I was in the right place.

The restaurant had clearly been updated since its opening nearly 60 years ago, but it had a photo of how it originally looked on the wall outside.

Outside the entrance, there was a large statue of co-founder and namesake of the chain, Tim Horton.

Horton, named one of the 100 best hockey players of all time by the NHL, continued his career while starting up the chain.

Source: NHL

He died in a car accident in 1974 at age 44, only a decade after founding his namesake chain.

Being named after a hockey legend might be part of why Tim Hortons is beloved among Canadians.

Tim Horton’s is mostly known as a breakfast destination, but its menu has grown to include lunch and all-day coffee and baked goods.

I had several iced coffees from the chain during my trip, and a medium came out to a reasonable $1.99 in US dollars.

Everything about Tim Hortons screams “Canadian pride,” down to …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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