Hi, Aaron Weinman here. It’s already been a busy week of deals with JetBlue’s aerial pursuit of Spirit, Kellogg’s breakup, Mondelez’s Clif Bar buy, and Elon Musk’s ever-evolving quest for Twitter.

But before that, I want to introduce you to 14 execs from Big Tech that every Wall Street entity — from banks to investors — should know. More financial services firms are moving to the public cloud, and they’ll need these folks to execute those strategies.

Let’s get up in the cloud.

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1. Banks, private-equity firms, and investing giants are enamored with Big Tech execs who have cloud experience. These Silicon Valley gems are needed to help Wall Street manage big-data undertakings and, most importantly, aid these institutions in their transition to cloud technology.

Banks, in particular, are looking to public-cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud, but they need the right personnel to usher archaic Wall Street titans into the burgeoning cloud space.

There’s a number of ways banks are adopting the cloud. JPMorgan uses multiple public-cloud providers to manage its data, while Morgan Stanley has a tight relationship with Microsoft’s Azure technology.

As Wall Street embraces the cloud, it’s primed to nick some brain share from titans like Google and Amazon that championed the technology. In the past year, Two Sigma hired Carter Page, Google’s former director of engineering, to lead its data-engineering efforts and Goldman Sachs poached Kamlesh Talreja from AWS Marketplace to co-lead the bank’s asset-management engineering arm.

Insider’s Bianca Chan and Belle Lin dissect who could make the jump from Big Tech to Wall Street.

In other news:

From left to right: Hiral Mehta, Parker Rider-Longmaid, Marissa Alter-Nelson, and Betty Yang

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