During these lazy, hazy days of summer when I can’t so much cook anything or think of eating anything that requires heat to make, I often dream of how refreshing and hydrating my life would be if only I were a “smoothie person.” Alas, I am not. The mere thought of going to a farmer’s market at the beginning of the week to stock up on fruits and veggies? Then to come home to slice, dice, and prep everything in rationed-out mason jars? To plan ahead as though I’d know what my body would possibly crave four days from now? Listen, I am not Emily Mariko and I know I will never be (though I admire the lifestyle). When I returned home from a rather indulgent weeklong trip from Chicago, my body needed a reset which I usually accomplish by eating more natural foods and drinking lots of tea. But, since it’s too hot to be brewin’, I had to pivot to a chiller option.

Earlier this year, I became a believer in plant-based meal delivery services — I had tried and loved the totally-vegan, freezer-to-microwave, farm-to-table dishes from Mosaic Foods. Complete gourmet meals from just the push of a microwave button? That’s as far as my kitchen skills go, so I was infatuated by the ease with which I can nourish my body with fresh, locally-grown ingredients with these pre-packaged meal kits. For summertime, Mosaic Foods has expanded into a new food category: Smoothies. They’re filling, they’re healthy, and they’re refreshing as heck. And, if you’d like to give any of the delectable nine flavors a sip, you can get four free smoothies in your …read more

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